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Your Typical Estimating Day:

  • Get out your paper or carbon estimate.
  • Fill it out once you approach the job site.
  • Clipboard in hand, you listen and note the scope of the project.
  • Take notes, count, measure, inspect, address customer concerns.
  • Chat politely with your prospect before you head to your next estimate.
  • Drive to the next appointment.
  • Repeat 3 – 10 times today.
  • Back at the office, use your word processor to find an old proposal, delete all the information and re-enter new customer info.
  • Repeat 3 – 10 times.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding certificates of insurance, W-9 copies, waivers, etc.
  • Get the proper party to sign off and approve the work.

Total Time Per Estimate:1 hour X 10 = 10 hours

Your Estimating with Pro-Posal:

  • Get out your phone or tablet.
  • Take photos of the job site.
  • Enter the prospect information.
  • Enter your bid amounts & send.
  • Your Insurance, W-9 & Waiver, etc. are automatically sent with your Pro-Posal.
  • Repeat 3 – 10 times.
  • Your customer can sign your Pro-Posal right from your email.
  • No need to edit pre-formatted documents or old proposals, each is customized when you send!

Total Time Per Estimate:6 minutes X 10 = 1 hour

Never Forget To Follow Up Again

Receive alerts for each Pro-posal after 7 days!

Impress customers with well timed follow-ups.

Conquer the on-site estimate game!


What Are Pressure Washers Saying?

  • Jon

    Revive Power Washing
    I was spending 30-40 minutes per bid before, now I’m able to put all my info in a nice neat package just by checking a box.
  • Caleb

    Lake State Cleaning
    Last two weeks: 9 proposals sent, closed five, four still pending. Total closed: $3100. Time spend: less than 45 minutes!
  • Glen J.

    Premier Pressure Cleaning
    Just got word I closed a 15 building, 200 unit apartment complex for window cleaning and pressure washing. Thanks Pro-Posal!

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